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I often receive e-mails from readers asking me how I get to collaborate with hotels and resorts. There are two ways to find hotels. One is to contact them directly or through PR/travel agencies. And I’ve found The Asia Collective!
When I was looking for accommodations in Bali two years ago and browsing through Instagram for inspiration, I stumbled upon the Asia Collective.

The resorts and photos shot by bloggers looked amazing and I touched base with them even though my following was at little bit shy at that time.

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1. How was the first contact?
I got a very friendly response back from Kelly, who’s the founder of The Asia Collective, where she explained me how to apply for hotel collaborations.

2. What was the next step?
I had to fill out a form with all my social media followings, appealing photos and a short introduction about myself. You send it back and they will pitch you to resorts and restaurants.

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3. Is this service for free?
Depending on how many days you are planning for your stay, you pay a small amount of fee, which I think is so worth it. In Bali I stayed at a Karma resort in a 4 bed room villa with a private pool! And I got to eat in the most beautiful restaurants on the island every day, where the food was amazing. I wouldn’t have even thought of restaurants, but it’s also included in their service. Kelly came up with wonderful ideas regarding our schedule, since she lives in Bali and knows all the restaurants and venues. She checked on us and the schedule and made sure everything was set up perfectly. I even had the chance to meet her in person, which gave me the feeling that she is really taking care of her customers.

4. So how does the collaboration work?
In most of the cases the resorts want photos on social media accounts with a seperate blog post in return of a complimentary stay. The good thing with Asia Collective is, that they offer full packages with specials like a candle light dinner or spa treatments, which is a great plus. I have to admit that it’s not easy to pitch yourself to hotels, while The Asia Collective has all the contacts and experience.
The team grew over the years and I was very happy, when Josephine (you might know her beautiful travel Instagram acount) joined The Asia Collective team. We met through Instagram(how I love those encounters!) and since our last dinner in Singapore, we’ve been in touch ever since. And my Bali collaboration was a huge success thanks to the Asia Collective!

5. Are there any ‚bad’ hotels or resorts?
Some readers asked me this questions when they were not sure about the service. If you check their Instagram, there is no ‚bad’ hotel or resort. They pick only the best and the list is growing. So don’t be worried about that. Even if you don’t have a big following, they will try their best to pitch you to one of the resorts, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

6. Would you work again with The Asia Collective?
Yes, of course. It was so easy and smooth. Very friendly and highly professional in every way. You get briefing sheets with details about what you get and what you have to deliver. And in most cases the packages were amazing. Read about my stay at the Slate Phuket, where we(yes, not only myself) got a special complimentary spa treatment. Or what about lunch and dinner during the entire stay at Twin Palms Phuket?

All in all it’s a fantastic service for bloggers, who don’t have the time to write hundreds of mails to hotels, who most of the time don’t even reply. Since I know Kelly and Josephine in person(such warm-hearted lovely ladies) I can highly recommend you to get in touch with them when you are planning a trip to Asia as a blogger.

7. Any personal tips for Bali or Phuket?
If you are going to stay in Bali, try only one restaurant per day. Traffic is insane and it usually takes some time until the food is on the table. Yep, good food takes time and you really wanna enjoy it. So don’t make the mistake like I did running from one restaurant to the next. And don’t forget to leave a (generous) tip.
The same with Phuket. Time is flying when you’re at the beach and you don’t wanna rush. It’s still your vacation so don’t stress yourself out with too many collabs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beach!

If you have any question, leave them in the comment section below.
Thanks for reading!

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