Via Buia Pastina Camera Bag | Cape Town


When you have to travel as much as I do, there is always this one big question. Which ONE bag should I take with me, that goes with every outfit I will be wearing in my layover? Mission impossible if you ask me. And I guess you can totally relate to that, right?

And I have to admit that I usually need 1-2 hours to get my stuff packed. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s the most fun part when I’m getting ready for my duty flight. But it’s so hard to pick just one or two bags, that will also fit in my already overflowing suitcase. And I tell you the struggle is real every single time when I’m packing. The bag should be chic yet casual with enough space to fit in all of my personal belongings. Ok, let’s say at least half of it.
I never thought of a camera bag as one of my go-to bags in my layovers(see the bag in LA here). The cube shape makes it so easy to throw in your stuff and is wide enough to fit in bulky things like your shades or key chains. You can wear it cross-body or even around your hips. The leather strap can be adjusted(3 ways) to your comfort in any way and you have your hands free for doing cool stuff. It features a built-in credit card holder, a pocket for bills and an elastic pouch perfect for coins, keys or your favorite lip gloss. The large interior pocket will fit your cell phone and things you need often throughout your day. The pastina camera bag is my travel buddy and we shared a lot of stories together. Looking forward to more thrilling adventures to fill this bag with, along my journey around the world.
Easy and chic looks are my favorites when traveling, so this wrinkle-free white dress with blush strap heels made the pastina camera bag even more pop. The green lime color is easier to wear than you think and goes with many colors in my outfits. What are your go-to travel bags?
Do you have any packing tips to share? Would love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for reading loves. I always appreciate your sweet comments and love for my blog.


weißes kleid

kleine quadratische tasche

weißes kleid mit muster


weißes kleid pastel heels

kleid rückenansicht

details tasche

classy cloud


shorts off shoulder

Pastina camera bag by ViaBuia
White dress by Zara | shop similar here
Blush heels by Zara | shop very similar here

* in cooperation with ViaBuia


  1. It really look wonderful with your outfit! :-)
    I like the special color. But I always take big bags with me, when I travel. I like to use my Longchamp bag, because I can make it so small. That’s really great, when you buy a new bag in your holidays :D
    And you can always take to bag to the beach, because it so easy to clean Longchamp bags :-)
    And I wouldn’t be that sad, if somebody would steal the Longchamp, because the bag isn’t that expensive (like my Louis Vouitton, Prade etc.) that I couldn’t effort a new one :-)

    xx Vie from

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