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Hello my friends!

Here is a new update about what’s happening right now in my crew life. As some of you might have read in my latest post, I’m flying part time since the first of March.

Our company offers many different part time models, which I’m so grateful about. I didn’t think about it until last year, when a friend of mine suggested me to go part time while I was a little bit stressed out balancing flying and working on my blog. It’s just like so many things in life. We live such a busy life without thinking about the quality and what we can do to improve it. Constant stress and the flood of information and details keep us distracted from our inner peace and we live our daily life like a hamster in a wheel. Can you relate to that? There are moments, where you think about life and which purpose and goals you are aiming for. I wanted more time for myself. As much as I love my job, it became more and more exhausting and I’ve been flying for 18 years(!) straight full time. It was time for a change!
I’ve asked friends and colleagues about their part time roster and got enough informations to decide for myself to go with M1, which means flying only 75% per month. It’s roughly 1-2 flights less so I have more quality time for me and also more time for the blog. It seemed like the right decision and I handed in the application end of November 2016. My biggest concern was the financial part. Do I get to cover all of my monthly expenses also without blogging? I mean my blog is doing very well and I’m beyond grateful for the agencies and brands, who believed in me and I’d collaborate with. But you know, this business can be an up and down. I guess most of the self-employed people can relate to that.
But no risk no fun. And I really needed to slow down a bit.

So far so good. What I didn’t consider and didn’t know back then, was the arrival of our new ‘baby’ in Munich – the A350. Some of you might remember the roll-in event at Munich airport, where I had the chance to see the A350 for the first time. Little did I know that it would take my roster upside down.
I was one of the first flight attendants, who got trained for this aircraft and was looking forward to my very first flight to Delhi. It was the first destination operated by the A350, followed by Boston and next week Mumbai. So the first month flying the A350 in February was fine. I’ve visited the Taj Mahal and had a great time in Delhi.
Things changed when the March roster was published. My main request was a 4 day MIA(Miami) rotation and I was pretty sure I’ll get this flight granted due to my seniority and was so looking forward to beach, bikinis and sun. But all I could see in my roster was DEL, BOS, DEL, BOS! The same thing with my April roster. So if you’ve ever wondered why I stopped flying to my fave destinations like LA or New York, yep it’s because of the A350.
The reason for this is pretty simple. Since the A350 group is still small and crew dispatch has to cover daily flights to DEL & BOS with licensed crew members, they had to reject my requests and filled my roster with A350 flights only. Not fun. But hey, I know someone has to do the job and I’m not complaining. Oh well, a litte bit because I miss LA so much. And Miami, since we only fly to this destination during winter time.
So in my case it’s two factors, which makes it so difficult to get long long-haul flights like LA – or Miami(do I sound like a broken record?). It’s the 75% part time and the relatively ‘short’ flight time to the A350 destinations BOS and DEL. A little bit complicated to explain, but I just wanted to tell you why I’m flying to Boston and India only right now. ;) It’s not my choice. But it’s my duty and yes I’m doing my job.
I hope that many of my colleagues will join the A350 team so the DEL – BOS situation will be a bit more relaxed than now. Come on, the airplane is brand new, has better air(not so dry anymore – hello dewy skin!) and is less noisy. Read more facts about our Lufthansa A350 here.

I have my fingers crossed that my main request for May will make it. :)

Always happy landings!

If you have any questions regarding my crew life, leave me a comment or mail me.
Thanks for reading.



  1. I’m so glad I got to read this post. I am in the same situation where I feel flying takes up so much time. I just started blogging but I also have my own online business and other dreams I am currently trying to pursue that I started prior to flying. I wish we had an option of part time with my company so that in the future that could be an option for me. I am happy to have my job but I am still trying to find balance which will be a blog post soon lol! It’s great to know other people have the same struggles.

    1. Vielen lieben Dank.
      Ich plane auch noch mehr, um euch mehr an meinem Crew Leben teilhaben zu lassen.
      Schöne Osterfeiertage!

  2. Hallo meine Liebe!
    Halte durch, die Schulungen werden immer mehr und bald kehrt wieder Routine ein ;)
    Glg einer Kollegin

    1. Hallo liebe Sophie,
      ich hoffe auch, dass bald ganz viele ins Team kommen. Irgendwann muss ja auch jeder die Schulung haben.
      Ist halt nur sehr ärgerlich wenn man seit Monaten keinen Request mehr bekommt und der Plan komplett durcheinander geworfen wird.
      Ich bleibe positiv. Es gibt ja ‘schlimmere’ Destinationen. ;)
      Viele liebe Grüße zurück

  3. Hey honey,
    A thrilling read, just a small comment (hope you don’t mind) but the word informations is incorrect just information!!! I so feel with you DEL/BOS as I had the same at the beginning of my LH career!
    I love to follow you as your lovely, authentic and strong warm Carma! Hope you get your beloved LA and MIA I would love to present you with in May as it’s in my schedule!
    Wish you a smashing time and please keep us up to date fashion wise! Love your style as it is not just for the very young!!

    Many kisses,
    Susan (LH FRA)

    1. Thanks so much dear Susan.
      I really appreciate it, so no worries. I’m always open to learn more and this one will stick in my mind
      forever reminding me of you. ;)

      So much love back to FRA from MUC

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