Smile Squad Invisalign 2

*In collaboration with Invisalign

My smile journey with Invisalign is still going strong. And I finally picked up my aligners after two months of waiting. I was so stoked to get my aligners, although I knew from my previous treatment that it’s not gonna be all smiles and s’mores. ;)

Dr. Gebhart patiently and passionately explained the entire procedure on the screen where I was able to see the progress. It was just mind-blowing and I got event more excited!
I already spotted my Invisalign aligner 1 on the table. The reason why it took a little bit longer to receive my aligner was the time Dr. Gebhart invested to overlook the treatment plan. He is a perfectionist in his field and adjusted, suggested and sent back the plan to Invisalign to have it revised! It was not only for one time, no. He did it six times and payed so much attention to all the small details of my teeth. I was more than impressed and so grateful. I mean, I want the result to last. So it should be a final treatment plan with perfect straight teeth at the end, right?

The first questions I asked was how many aligners were planned for my treatment. And I was holding my breath for a second when I saw the six zero on the first package. I mean like sixty as in 60?! Wow. I had to let it sit for a while. That means 60 aligners, 60 weeks, one year and one month Invisalign life. I didn’t expect such a long time for treatment. Dr. Gebhart told me that it does take time. I have quite a tight teeth structure, so we needed time to make room for moving my oh-so-annoying crooked teeth. And well, here we go.
I’m currently on aligner 12 and life is good! I can already see small improvements. Slow and steady wins the race! Yay! Go Invisalign!

I asked you in the Instagram story if you have any questions regarding my Invisalign treatment. I’m answering some of the most asked ones.
Q: How much is the Invisalign treatment?
A: It really depends on the length of your plan. If it is a minor adjustment, it’s not that expensive. Please consult an orthodontist who has the expertise and works with Invisalign.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: It’s not painful at all. The aligners sit perfectly on your teeth and the only thing you might feel is a tightness for the first 1-3 days. That’s it.

Q: How do you plan your meals?
A: It really doesn’t matter when I’m at home. I eat, brush my teeth and put back the Invisalign. The ‘problem’ is when I’m on the go. I can easily brush or rinse my mouth when I’m in a restaurant or cafe. But a small bite here and there, no chance. So you have to think before you eat. But I don’t mind less snacks to be honest. :)

My Invisalign family is very supportive and I received this cute package with goodies to help me with my treatment. To be honest, it’s not always easy. Some days, I just don’t feel like wearing the Invisalign aligners and then I take them out for a moment. But then I remind myself to be consistent like many other things in life that pushes me forward to the good! So I’m literally pushing my teeth one aligner at a time to have my smile back next year. Motivation is the key and this treatment thought me already a lot about patience and resilience.
So let’s continue this journey nonetheless with a big smile brought to you by Invisalign!

In the next blogpost, I will talk about a genius gadget that I received from Dr. Gebhart that is going to speed up my treatment. I’m currently testing it and excited to see how it improves the Invisalign procedure. So stay tuned!

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