Photo Shoot with I Heart New York City

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Hello my beautiful friends!
I hope you had a great start into the new year! 2016 will be amazing and I’ll make sure to continue spreading love and positive vibes on all my TCC social media channels. Let’s do this! The best is yet to come! Yay! :)
Today I want to share with you some of my highlights, when I was shooting with Karen and Tom from I Heart New York City.

A photo shoot should be fun and easy, approachable and affordable for anybody, so that is what Karen and Tom do. It’s not sitting stiff and awkward in a studio. Not at all!
You get to explore the city with the best photo spots of New York, capturing iconic buildings and places like in the photos! How awesome is that? I’ve always wanted those walking shots on the street with the typical yellow cabs in the background. Seriously…that’s so awesome! I wanna print every photo and hang it on my wall. Photos last forever and I love to flip through my folders and see all the places I’ve been to. So don’t be shy and be a model in New York! Work it like nobody is watching.
Karen will make you so comfortable and she’s so nice(she carried my bag and parka while Tim shot me). These photos will be such a great gift to yourself and your friends. So don’t hesitate to contact Karen and Tom for any questions regarding the shoot. They will happily answer all of your questions.
Use the code ‘classycloud’ and get 25 dollars off the website when you book a shoot.
You’re mostly welcome! :)

My roster is out for January and I’m getting excited about my layovers. Next will be NY again(which I didn’t request, so thank you very much!) and then Delhi! I’m so excited about my flight to Delhi as it is my first time there and I’m planning a trip to the Taj Mahal. Have you been to the Taj Mahal? How was it? I can only imagine how stunning the architecture must be.
Before my reserve line(similar to standby) starts at the end of January I’ll be in Dubai for some fun in the sun and I’m so grateful, that I’ve got two warm sunny destinations while it’s cold in Munich. Let’s see what my reserve line will add to these flights. Cape Town or Sao Paulo would be great. ;) Fingers crossed.

044_KS_IMG_9016_044 Kopie
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137_TB_IMG_9939_137 Kopie
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All photos by I Heart New York

Parka by Wellensteyn


  1. So beautiful photos. May I ask you how you keep your relationship with your boyfriend or husband while you keep flying and travelling :)

  2. Hello!!
    The photos look good. Looks like you’re haven a fun time in New York.

    1. Dankeschön!
      Das ist eigentlich eine lange Tunica, die ich als Kleid trage. :)

  3. Bin Samstag wieder zu Hause, dann such ich Dir was raus. Kommt dann via FB-Messanger. ?

  4. Hallo Süße!
    Falls Denn 3,Tage frei hast in Delhi lohnt sich der Trip zum Taj Mahal auf alle Fälle!!! Die Fahrtzeit einfach sind ca3-4 Stunden und je nachdem wo Du buchst triffst Du Vorort einen Tourguide. Unserer hatte auch ein paar nette Tips für witzige Fotos, wie Das Taj Mahal in Deiner Sonnenbrille gespiegelt. Wir hatten wirklich Spaß und es lohnt sich auf alle Fälle!!!!ich wünsche Dir ganz viele neue Eindrücke!!!!!
    LG Susanne

    1. Das hört sich toll an! Immer her mit den Tipps.
      Ich wollte auf jeden Fall die Crew anschreiben. Bin schon so gespannt!

      Liebste Grüße

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