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Skincare has been the most relaxing and comforting routine since I have all the time at home while my flight schedule stays empty.
I’ve implemented a few new steps into my skincare routine and my shelf with beauty products and devices had to be replaced to a bigger one. And so it happened, that one day the FOREO BEAR found its way to my home in Munich. Welcome aboard dear BEAR!

The FOREO BEAR is a microcurrent therapy device that sends microcurrents of electricity to the skin to subtly lift and firm the skin within minutes. You will clearly see the difference when you use the BEAR in the morning to depuff and wakeup your face. The microcurrent stimulates the production of collagen, helps with lymphatic drainage, reduces fine lines for a defined face. The result is a toned, radiant looking tighter skin that gives your face a lifted appearance. Who is in for that? Definitely me.

The BEAR not only uses advanced microcurrent but the characteristic T-Sonic pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face & neck. We do workouts for our body to stay in shape, so why don’t we do that to our face as well? So here comes the ultimate at-home facial trainer that takes anti-aging to the next level!

The BEAR features a groundbreaking Anti-Shock System for the world’s safest, shock-free treatments, so put all your worries aside. You can easily adjust the microcurrent intensity in the FOREO app where you can explore a variety of guided facial workouts(YAY!) to get the most out of the BEAR. Now let me show you how I use the BEAR!

Make sure your face is clean and dry. Any remaining residue of oil will deflect the microcurrent. Turn on the app and apply a conductive water-based serum/gel/cream. I use the hydrating SERUM SERUM SERUM by FOREO with squalane and hyaluronic acid that safely transfers microcurrent from BEAR to your skin.

Lightly press both metallic spheres to your face then gently glide the BEAR slowly in upward motions. I personally focus on the outer area of my eyes, forehead and eyebrows. Gimme that eyebrow lift!

You can always adjust the intensity when you quick press the button or via the app. I first started at level one, now I’m addicted to the BEAR and increased to level five. It’s a tingling sensation on your skim, especially near the hairline or areas where the skin may be sensitive. Let the BEAR explore your face and tickle the muscles. :)

I usually start with the chin line and move upwards. And don’t forget to treat your neck! I give my cheeks very special love as these are the features for a youthful looking face. I smile and place the BEAR on the spot right under the cheeks to stimulate and workout this area for a lifted appearance. Smoothly glide the BEAR over you face and let it do its magic. You will be BFF with your BEAR very soon!

The BEAR works best as a prevention and a way to maintain healthy and youthful skin for a defined face. I would recommend this device to women 30+ to prevent sagging skin and give your face that workout it needs. You can also use this LED device to pamper your skin. As I always preach, every little step counts and it’s never too late to begin with a detailed skincare routine. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. – Erno Laszlo


  1. I have been using this device for about three months now. I must say, though slight, the difference is visible. I definitely feel that my face is firmer and the skin is tighter. There are absolutely no unpleasant sensations when using this device. I use it with other water based gels as well.

    1. My skin approved a lot since the use of the bear. And I’m kinda obsessed with the treatment. :)

  2. Your photos are so good! The Bear sounds and looks so cool, wish it came in other colours – pastels would be cute! Xoxo

    1. Thanks so much! I’d also wish they come in mute colours. Will forward this to Foreo. ;)

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