ANY DI Recycled PET Shopper Bag

We ladies can’t have enough bags. There is a bag for every occasion and every outfit. And when I travel, I need a proper shopper bag.

Just a big shopper bag to carry around all my stuff from books to bikinis and what I need for a day at the beach. The ANY DI shopper bag is made of recycled plastic bottles and makes a statement as a sustainable fashion piece. From bottle to bag!
We talk more and more about sustainability, so it’s great to see that designers do care about this topic.

As you might have seen in my ANY DI blogpost from New York, this ANY DI shopper bag can also be transformed into a backpack! Use the innovative strap system to transform the bag into totally something different. There are so many options to wear the shopper bag,so style it up with ANY DI suncovers or any other leather gadgets from her collection.

I can’t tell you how much I love small leather accessories! In my case, I’m obsessed with ANY DI’s cute suncovers and phone bags. These are THE must-haves not only for travels! The suncover works with any sunglasses and is the perfect ANY DI signature piece to any bag. For a night out, I loved to wear the phone bag where you can easily store your phone, credit cards and keys. Elegant details are never missed on these stylish leather pieces. Make sure to check out the website for more chic items by ANY DI!

ANY DI PET Shopper Bag
ANY DI SUNCOVER Indian Princess
ANY DI Phone Bags

*In collaboration with ANY DI

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