All blush | Meatpacking District, New York City

I think everyone has a story to tell when it comes to New York.
I was 20 years old, a student at a Korean University, when my relatives from NYC invited me to visit them over the summer months. I’ve never been to the States, neither did I leave Korea since my return as a 13-year old girl. I was beyond excited and didn’t know what to expect.
Long story short, I had the best time in my life as a young fearless student, exploring NY and doing all the fun touristy stuff with my cousins in tow. New York is my first love, when it comes to the States and I thought that every other city would be pretty much the same!
Little did I know that there will be no other place like New York and I was so disappointed when we visited Washington D.C. for a day trip(my cousin had a blind date and she wanted us to come with her, turned out they matched and got married the next year!).
New York is always full of excitement and so is my heart, whenever I get a flight to the city that never sleeps! We don’t have a long layover, as the flight time is relatively short, but I’m always making the max out of it.
So how did I met David, the photographer? It was beautiful day at Central Park and I was looking for a person to take photos of me. I usually pick people with good cameras or persons, who seem to take nice photos. Hard, I know.
So I saw a father, taking enthusiastically photos of his beautiful daughters in a way that I wanted to be photographed and I was hooked! I had to hand him over my camera. Like right now. And we totally clicked. I love these kind of encounters. We exchanged business cards and here is the result of his amazing work! We shot 2 outfits and I love the way he see me through his camera. I mean we are in New York and the vibrant vibe itself in Meatpacking just made me pose and smile like a champion. I’m wearing an off shoulder dress with matching Valentino Rockstud heels in blush along with some of my favorite jewelry. I’m so happy how the photos came out!
Check out his Facebook page with amazing head shots and food photos, which he’s cooking up all by himself. I’m always drooling over his food photography.
So grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met during my journey as a flight attendant. And I can’t wait to see what will be happening on my next flights. Cabin Crew, all doors in flight! :)



Off shoulder dress: ASOS
Shoes: Valentino Rockstud Kitten Heel
Bracelets: Madeleine Issing
Necklace 1: Madeleleine Issing, Necklace 2: boDIY by Alexandra

All photos by David Zimand Photography


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