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How can you stop itchy feet from traveling? Especially when you have a friend working with another airline, so you can join her on the flights. And we make it happen again. My near an dear friend Katrin and I went on a new adventure!

When she told me, that she got MBA(Mombasa) in her roster, I didn’t hesitate for a moment and booked a standby flight to join her on the duty flight. I mean the rotation was 8 days long. Enough time to explore Mombasa and the region. I was quite excited, as I didn’t know what to expect, but Katrin had all things arranged for us.
We stayed the first night at the crew hotel in Mombasa before we headed to Watamu, which is approximately 2 hours from Mombasa, where we were invited to stay at the Temple Point Resort, Kenya’s leading hotel of the north coast. We were more than stoked to get into the whole experience of exploring the unique nature and culture inside and outside the resort, with numerous options of sports and leisure activities, whilst being situated in the middle of Watamu Marine National Park.



Beach | The first thing I did was to check out the beach. I mean how cool is it to have a beach close to your doorsteps? And I immediately fell in love with the idyllic white sand strand, which is part of the wildlife sanctuary of Watamu Marine National Park. Since it was no high-season, we had the beach to ourselves and had so much fun in the waves. The water is crystal clear and sparkles in all shades of blue and turquoise. Twice a day there’s an impressive natural spectacle to be witnessed on the beach. When the ocean retreats back during low tide, hundreds of little ponds of seawater are formed in the sand. Inside you will find a colourful multitude of colourful fishes, crabs and morays. I came out every morning to sit by the beach and started the day with a gratitude meditation, which was not hard with this backdrop. I can highly recommend you the beach and always felt very safe, as there is a guard(not like a life guard but similar) watching the beach.





Boat trip | As I mentioned water activities are a must when in Watamu. There is plenty of choices and we took the most convenient one first. :) A boat trip to an island with barbecue at the beach. The boat had an upper deck, where we enjoyed sun bathing and watching all kinds of birds flew by. Needless to say that we were all amazed by the beautiful nature of Watamu Marine National Park. A soft sand beach welcomed us to relax while a fire place was set up for a barbecue. Think of fresh lobster, fish and chicken. We were spoiled rotten und believe me, it tastes so much better when at the beach. On our way back to the hotel, we had the chance to get close to the Crab shack(more about it in the next photos) in canoes(all loaded in the boat), which was major fun. We watched the sunset from the boat and couldn’t ask for more in this moment.







Special dinner | As if the amazing boat trip wasn’t enough, we were surprised with a sunset dinner with the most stunning backdrop at my favorite place of the resort. I did yoga in the morning in this hut and it’s a very popular spot for special occasions like private events or like in our case, a romnatic dinner for two. Katrin and I didn’t know what to say, we were just speechless. Our traveler’s heart melted and so did the food in our mouths, as we indulged in all the tasty dishes while watching the most breathtaking sunset over the creek.








The Crab Shack | While we were gathering tips and recommendations for our trip to Watamu, it was Katrin who told me enthusiastically about this special venue first. It felt like everybody was raving about this restaurant. And they were absolutely right! The Crab shack is situated at Mida Creek, standing at the edge of the mangrove forest with panoramic views of the Creek. It is run the by Mida Creek Conservation Community to support the locals and their environment, which is a great addition to boost tourism in Watamu. The Shack provides lunch and dinner. Make a reservation for dinner and come early to enjoy a drink as the sun dips spectacularly over the Creek. You want the time to stop. It’s so beautiful!
The local special menu includes delicious fresh fish, prawns and crab dinner cooked by trained chef. I highly recommend you the Shack’s signature crab samosas. So good!







There is so much you can do and Temple Point Resort will gladly help you to arrange anything your heart desires.
I’m still so impressed by the staff, who seems to smile and laugh all day. Actually, they are not staff, they become your friends. The friendly lady at the restaurant, who exactly remembered my lactose-intolerance, the guy who watched me jumping on the trampoline and greeted me every single morning, the reception boy with his personal tips for shopping and the list goes on and on, just to name a few. Such warmhearted joyful people, who make your stay a special one. Nothing is perfect and there is always something, which can be done better and fixed. But it’s the people, who will put all their effort and heart into their work and duties to impress you every day. I would have loved to stay longer to explore more of Watamu’s amazing nature, which makes the location of the Temple Point Resort so special. It’s a hidden gem apart from the typical tourist paths and attractions and if you are a nature person, you will love this place for sure.
Take a walk to the beach in the morning before breakfast and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Watamu Marine National Park. The view is priceless. And if you walk through the lush garden within the property, you might see the cute baboon family and the peacock, who live on the property. :)

Big thanks goes out to the Temple Point Resort for the great hospitality and all the lovely staff who made our stay so enjoyable.

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