Plum is the new black | Munich

And here I am with a new dress. It has two things I wanted to try for all. A strappy front and a deep plum color. Plum screams fall. And fall screams plum. A good match.
Dresses are my favorite go-to pieces in my closet. Easy-peasy. If you fall out of bed and can’t think of an outfit, just grab a dress and you are good to go!
As a huge shoelover I complete the outfit with the right pair of shoes. And oh my, this can be tough! Flats? Heels? Boots? Or sneakers? The shoe can break it or make it, so be wise. ;)
When I’m back from my duty flights, there is usually tons of things to do and I literally have to run errands the whole day. Grocery shopping, picking up mail/parcels from neighbors(Thank you!) and the post office(so annoying!) and other things on my never ending to-to list. In a nut shell, the shoes for my daily routine have to be comfy(and still chic of course!). Period.
If the dress is playful like this one and short in length, I love to wear it with my loose fringe boots to give it an easy touch. The hat completes the outfit in a way, that I could jump right into a festival with loud music and lots of beer. Yay! Coachella one day for sure.
Until this day… I’ll be dreaming of Coachella.. in my little strappy plum dress, that screams for fall.



Dress: ASOS
Boots: Seoul, Korea
Hat: Topshop
Sunnies: WILDFOX


    1. Thanks hun! And yes, add a cool leather jacket and the outfit is complete! :)

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