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I’ve got two big news to share.
First of all happy birthday to my blog The Classy Cloud! Yay! I’ve published my first blogpost last year on the first of November and couldn’t be happier right now. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey and many more to come!,
The Classy Cloud wouldn’t be the same without you and I appreciate every single visit on my page, comments and likes. You guys rock my world!

Well, the second news could be a little bit shocking for some of you. So have a seat and take a deep breath. Just kidding!
I had a big birthday last week. Not as big as in throwing a big party with hundreds of people but still big in other terms.
I didn’t turn twenty. Not even thirty. Drumroll please…I turned forty! Yes, four – o as in 40!

Hello? Are you still there?
Will you unfollow me now? ;) Please don’t.
Many of you have asked me on Instagram how old I am but I was a bit too shy to tell you.
But hey, I’m proud to be the person who I am right now and I’ve never felt better in my own skin.
So I’m sharing my five tips how to be happy and stay youthful.


1. Be good to yourself
Do things that makes you happy. And it starts with small things. Make yourself a tasty breakfast, read a book or just relax in bed. Treat your body and soul like a temple and they will thank you.
Shine from the inside out. Say good things to yourself.
The best quality me-time is when I’m back from my duty flights. Uniform off, hair up, sweats on.
I’m snuggling up in my bed with a cup of tea and relax to the max. It’s charging my batteries, clearing my mind and listening to my body. Look at your beautiful soul. You are one of a kind!
And you deserve the best! Say it out loud every freakin’ single day! Promise? Promise.


2. Be grateful
Thank you! Danke! Gracias! Merci!
For all the good things we have in our lives. It sounds simple and it is simple.
We tend to complain about each and everything in our daily life. We should focus on the good things we have and not what we don’t have. It makes it so much easier.
When I wake up in the morning I try to think of all the things I’m grateful for and suddenly I have a smile on my face! I say thank you for the good and deep sleep, thank you for this wonderful morning (regardless of the weather), thank you for the exciting day ahead. It’s so calming and like a meditation and whenever I feel down I try to go back to my thank you routine.
I have always boxes of chocolate(Freuden schenkt man Küsschen) in my pantry. Sometimes I just need to give them as a thank you gift for the kindness I received. Let’ give back. It’ll multiply and comes back and shower you with love! I’m not lying. Small things change the world.
Stay motivated. Gratitude is an attitude!


3. Eat healthy and work out
It’s the same like the first tip. But more on the physical side. We have to nourish both body and soul. I’m not preaching any special diet. You know what’s best for you.
I had to change my diet when I was in my late twenties. I’ve developed a lactose-intolerance and had to quit dairy. I do love chocolate once in a while but I never was a sugar person as in coffee with sugar or eating candy. I’m blessed with good genes(thanks mom and dad!) but you are what you eat.
Food can do so many good but also bad things to your body. White sugar is poison for your skin and feeds cancer cells. So try to cut out white sugar and go for healthy alternatives.
Exercising is the best way to stay fit and healthy. I never did workouts to get skinny. I wanted a toned and strong body, which helps me through my tough flights of 11 hours and longer. Working out has so many good side affects and I always squeeze a little workout in my layover. Do yourself a favor and move. It’s for a fit and healthy body and pushes happy hormones. Hello endorphins!


4. Use sunscreen every day
I’ve been often asked what the secret of my skin is. Well if I knew that I wouldn’t be sitting here writing a blogpost.;) But it’s no secret that exposure to UV rays is a major risk factor for most skin cancers and is the primary cause of early wrinkling. Grab your sunscreen and glue it to your hand. I’ve been using sunscreen since I was 17. No matter what, all year long. Rain or shine.
We Korean girls are so into healthy glowing skin and I’m using a lot of skin care products as well(no Botox at all, I swear). If you want youthful younger looking skin, do a all the tips I’ve listed. Start now! You can thank me later.;)


5. Have a positive mind
I think that’s the most important part. You can have the shiniest skin and fittest body but still look old and worn out when you don’t have a positive attitude. And it all comes together. When you are good to yourself by eating healthy and working out(apply sunscreen first), you are grateful for what you did, which shifts you in a happy positive mood! How cool is that!
The cells in your body will dance and recover, giving you that healthy glow from the inside out.
Be childlike and laugh a lot. Have fun. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up.
I do have my days where I feel down and nothing seems to work. And then I have a look in the bad mirror and all I see is my flaws. I’m not perfect at all. But I try to embrace my flaws. As I said, I’m focusing on the cool things and talents I have. I don’t have to tell you that I’m super bad at math. But I’m good at other things. And my family and friends take me as the person I am.
Self-esteem also comes from a strong positive mind and attitude. Don’t stress yourself out and worry too much. It only causes wrinkles and you don’t want that, right? Try to see the good things in life and think of the glass half full. The universe will be on your side. Believe me.


Very special thanks to the Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar Munich
for letting us shoot in 3 different rooms.

Private Collection by Hunkemöller

Photos by Marina Scholze Photography


  1. Liebe Ji
    Kannst du eine Tagescreme mit LSF oder eine bestimmte Sonnencreme empfehlen?
    Ich habe dass Gefühl, dass sogar mit einer make up foundation mit LSF meine Haut schneller glänzt. Das führt dann leider dazu, dass ich den Sonnenschutz gerne weglasse…

    Liebe Grüße und danke!

    1. Sonnenschutz ist so wichtig! Sonnencreme in dem Sinne benutze ich ja gar nicht. Es sind ist meistens eine Base oder leichte Foundation, die einen hohen Sonnenschutzfaktor enthält.
      Ich habe jahrelang den City Block(oil-free) von Clinique benutzt.
      Nach der Tagescreme und vor dem Auftragen der Foundation wie eine Base benutzen.
      Im Moment benutze ich das Fluid von Josie Maran und den Tinted Moisturizer von Laure Mercier.
      Ich achte immer darauf, dass es oil-free ist, denn auch ich muss aufpassen, dass nach langer Tragezeit die Haut nicht glänzt.
      Abpudern ist auch ganz wichtig. So hält die Foundation auch länger.
      Liebe Grüße

  2. Dear Miss Li, You’re literally proof that age is just a number! You look gorgeous inside and out and I wish to be as positive as a person as You are. I love reading Your blog, You are a true role model for other young girls and women. You are showing us how to enjoy in life and in little things.
    This list is just what I needed to read these days, since I just finished college and I’m so confused on what will life bring me now, that I forget how blessed I am…

    I wish you many more years of blogging!
    Safe flights! :)


  3. Great post! I completely agree with you. Positive attitude = happy life. A year ago I started practicing gratitude every morning and it has completely changed my life. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I can’t believe you are 40, how proud you should be to
    Have lived 40
    Years on this earth. Good on you for turning everything you have learnt into something positive and sharing it with others! Honest to god, when I started following your blog I was thinkI have you
    Were about 24/25!?

  5. Liebe Ji, es heißt nicht umsonst 40 and Fab!
    Ich glaube, ich beherzige (fast) alle Deine Tips und es stimmt, dass man sich dann umso wohler fühlt.
    Ich fände es toll, wenn ich mal mit dir fliegen kann :-)
    Stay as you are,


  6. Einfach nur GRATULATION <3
    .. ich verfolge das meiste auf Instagram, weil mir die Zeit fehlt, um Blogs zu lesen… ich bin Alleinerzieherin, 44 und fühle mich trotz der einen oder anderen Falte schöner denn je…. das Alter hat auch Vorteile – man ist immer mehr sich selbst und das ist auch gut so!
    Alles Liebe für Dich!

  7. Liebe J,
    wow- Du bist sooo inspirierend und zauberhaft!
    Liebe Deinen blog und Deinen Style!!!

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

    LG aus FRA

  8. Happiest birthday to you!! Thanks for sharing more your personal life with us! Age doesn’t matter anymore as long as you have a beautiful soul and you keep inspiring us! Love the pictures of this shoot, so professional :)!
    Big kisses!

  9. Ich folge dir seit der ersten Stunde, deine tollen Bilder aus fernen Ländern haben mich immer sehr inspiriert.
    Dann deine Schuhe, Outfits usw. Weiter so. Ich will mit 40 auch so aussehen. :) (Hallo Sonnenschutz ..hihi)

  10. What an inspirational blogpost! I started following you cause you are a flight attendant but I slightly got more interested in how you see the world and how you live your life. You are an inspiration and I want to thank you for this blogpost. It’s so true, I agree on all your points but the most on staying positive. It’s makes a huge change in attitude and how to see the world.
    Keep going on, you’re one of my favorite persons to follow on instagram! X

  11. Liebe Ji,
    Also ein Riesen Lob für deinen Blog den ich seit Beginn verfolge. Meiner Meinung nach, ist jeder negative Kommentar, der nach diesem Post evtl. kommt, aus purem Neid entstanden. Denn mit 40 noch so gut auszusehen und so motiviert, erfolgreich und freundlich zu sein, dass schaffen dann auch wiederum nicht alle;). Ich wünsche Dir noch ein weiteres wunderbares und erfolgreiches Jahr mit deinem Blog und hoffe sehr, dass ein Teil deiner Mitarbeiter das hier akzeptieren wird und sich etwas anderem zuwendet, als dich für deine wundervolle Arbeit zu kritisieren :) <3

    1. Vielen lieben Dank für deine Worte!
      Das war ein schöner Start in den Tag. Ich hoffe aus, dass alles weiter so gut läuft und ich noch viele Blogposts
      mit euch teilen kann.
      Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Tag!

  12. Liebe Ji,
    Das ist so ein wundervoller und sehr geschmackvoller post!
    Die Tipps sind gold wert! Vor allem Nr 5 muss Ich Nehru zu her zen nehmen!
    Mach weiter so!!! Auf die naechsten 40 Jahre!
    Deine Tani

    1. Du lieber Mensch!
      Es freut mich sehr, dass dir der Blogpost gefällt. <3
      Freue mich auf viele weitere Jahre zusammen mit dir.
      Love you!

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