Happy Birthday to me! | Furla Metropolis Bag


Birthdays are the perfect occasion to treat yourself. I’ve never been a big birthday person, throwing theme parties and getting drunk but I love to gift myself with treats that makes me happy.
And I’m not talking materials things only. I could be a tasty meal or a long overdue spa treatment.
You probably might know, that I’m a huuuuge shoe lover. But I never had that obsession with bags. Thanks god! I would be so broke by now. ;)

Once in a while I’m slightly getting obsessed with certain bags on Instagram, but I easily lose interest.
I’ve been blogging for 11 month now and used pretty much all of the (good) bags I own for my outfit posts. And I don’t have many bags. So it was time for a new one. Nothing better than my upcoming birthday.
Actually I was eyeing the Chloe Drew for such a long time, as this bag has all the criteria I was looking for. But this bag is now literally everywhere and I was not so sure about it anymore.
I’m usually an early adapter, when I like things, but not with bags. I overthink for months, even years. So different from my shoe decisions, I know.
It was my trip to Venice that opened my mind for this bag. The rest is hi(her)story.


This is the basic model in black and pink. And I love it! Every detail of the Furla Metropolis bag. Period. The elegant gold hardware chain and the form of the bag made me choose this bag as a winner!


And here is the secret and the genius idea of having 3 different bags!


Yes, you can change the flap! How cool is that? And you can buy as many flaps as you want.
So I picked two more flaps in black and gold.
Are you a person like me, that spends hours in a store because you can’t decide which color to pick? Welcome to the club! :) Especially when it comes to luxury goods and you’re going to spend a fortune on a small bag or shoes, this could be a nerve wracking situation.


Voilá! You always need a black bag. A LBB aka Little Black Bag. So here you can see the transformed black bag. Yay!


I guess this is my favorite color combination so far. Gold, glitter and glamour! Can’t go wrong with black and will be my go-to bag for my birthday celebration in Cape Town!


Which one is your favorite?
I’m so glad I found this bag, which solved all of my I-don’t-know-which-bag-to-wear problems.
The pink combinations goes so well with casual outfits such as boyfriend denims and a white t-shirt. Now I finally have a glamorous party bag in my favorite black-gold combo. And last but not least an everyday black bag. I give double thumbs up for the Furla Metropolis bag and will add more flaps for sure. :)

Furla Metropolis Bag


  1. Tolle Idee dass man das obere austauschen kann. Super cool. Gold und schwarz gefallen mir am Besten weil ich nicht so der rosa Fan bin. Aber die Idee ist echt der Hammer und die Tasche ist auch super schön.

    LG Caterina


  2. I’m in LOVE with this bag! It’s on my wishlist now… The fact that you can change the flap is such a great idea!

    (Dear Santa, I hope you’ll read this comment! :P )

    1. Isn’t the bag gorgeous?
      I’m pretty sure Santa already read your comment. <3

  3. Du hast eine super Wahl getroffen. Die Drew Bag ist ja auch schön, aber in Echt gefällt mir die Furla doch besser!
    Viel Spass und Freude mit deinem neuem Begleiter

  4. Wow this such a cool idea to be able to change the head of the bag!! Love my metropolis too! Welcome in the family :)

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